Why Falconer_Swarlos?

I have attended a few local Geocaching Events, such as Parley Like It’s 1699, Going Ape X, and smaller events, and invariably another player will ask for my player name / online handle. It is nice to match a face, and name to a player #IRL.

My Geocaching username is Falconer_Swarlos. Most players will create a name reflective of their given name. But I’m not like most players …

Falconer Swarlos, Part I

Two parts of my name, so there are two stories to be told. I’m confess that I love a motif to most things. My Geocaching vision is no different.

One game piece of Geocaching are trackables: items that “travel” from cache to cache.

The only way this inanimate object moves is via another geocacher picking it up and physically moving. Groundspeak, dba Geocaching HQ, released a series of Steampunk bird metal die cast Geocoins (trackables) I also love Steampunk, so the combination piqued my interest immediately.

I bought a Steampunk owl, because my girlfriend at the time was obsessed with owls. We named it Brigadier Wallace McHoots! The first of several Steampunk Birds themed Geocoins. I bought a raven, eagle, peacock, etc. Upon further research, a falconer is a trainer and retainer or birds of prey. I thought *bOoM* part one done.

Falconer Swarlos, Part II

Before I was playing the game, I was (still am) an event entertainer. I am a gregarious person therefore an easy target to chide, especially for my close friends. Speaking of friends … my friends and I closely followed the television situational comedy (sitcom) How I Met Your Mother.

The character in the series I best identified with was Barney Stinson played by Neil Patrick Harris. The Season 2, Episode 7 was titled Swarley. The episode was mostly focused on the character Marshall dating a new girl. However, one scene addressed the incorrect name spelled on coffee cups in a cafe. So instead of Barney, they spelled Swarley, which is homage to Starbucks employees scrawling in Sharpie pens the wrong names of customers.

Barney is notably upset about being chided on, picked on with his new nickname. As you can imagine, my friends immediately jumped on this…

My new nickname was [yes, you guessed it] Swarlos.

And no, I didn’t like mine either. But like schoolyard bullies, they would keep using it as long as they see you are upset with it. The moment you embrace it is the moment it stops.

A falconer is a job title, but Falconer Swarlos is a name of a geocacher. That would be yours truly!

Let’s get out there!


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"You only live once, but ... if you do it right, once is all you need" ~ I'm an active American-Filipino that has many skills I use to their best advantage.

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