Challenge Cache Chasing – Day 1

In December 2019, I announced my Tabula Rasa Day Declaration as “finish my Geocaching Jasmer Challenge in 2020”. Since all but one person was a geocacher at my Tabula Rasa Day XI celebration … they had zero idea what I was talking about.

I clarified it, of course.

Triad of Trouble: Yuba City, Vitreous, and Potter’s Pond

Any geocacher in the Pacific Northwest that embarks on completing the Jasmer Challenge which is …

One of the oldest and most popular geocaching challenges is the Jasmer Challenge. To complete the challenge, you must fill your Jasmer grid by finding caches placed in every month since geocaching began in May 2000. As of the time of this blog publication, there have been 222 months since the beginning of geocaching, which means you must find 222 caches to qualify.

Official Geocaching Blog ~ October 2018

As you can imagine, caches placed in 2000 that are still active are rare. I was left with finding an August, September and December 2000 finds. None of these exist in Washington, which travel is required if I want to complete this.

I located my triad of trouble: Yuba City (September 2000 – GC5F), Vitreous (December 2000 – GC11E), and Potter’s Pond (August 2000 – GC3B)

Two in California, one in Utah. A considerable amount of money and resources would have to be poured into this effort. The global pandemic of COVID-19 was another layer of complexity that was not needed but needed to be dealt with.

We waited until Washington was in Phase 2 of 4 which allowed for travel.

The Biggest Little City In The World

My little sister, which is also my constant partner-in-crime, and biggest support, suggested to fly into Reno, The Biggest Little City In The World. The we drive to the two marquee geocaches in California on two separate days then fly to Utah. I agreed with her logical assessment.

I had a plan. I always have a plan. I may not say it or explain it, but I do. Sometimes those plans detonate in my face on step 1, sometimes they are executed like a well-oiled machine.

Today’s plan was the latter; not the former.

En Route To YUBA CITY – GC5F

Today’s plan was chasing down the geocache simply called, Yuba City. It was placed in September 2000. After a leisurely wake up process, we started or journey westward.

We were dressed for 76 F degree, sunny skies type of weather. And knowing we’ll be in a vehicle for 90% of the time with temperature control, mostly air conditioning, we were in shorts and T-shirts.

We didn’t know about the traffic situation so we bounced early morning to head west. As we discussed our itinerary and battle plan, we also agreed to stop in Truckee, CA. I had suggested our first Californian geocache find will trigger our digital souvenir for California.

WCP24, my sister’s geocaching username, searched that area for a viable candidate for this designation. She knows (knew) that I love abandoned vehicle hides for some inexplicable reason.

I love’em because there’s a story there that’s untold: how did it get there, who crashed it, what happened, why didn’t they rescue it? I digress … WCP24 found a few along a trail.

After we ordered breakfast online at Jax’s at the Tracks, a Guy Fieri featured restaurant on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives, we hopped out. We were greeted by sub 40 degree weather! BBBRRRR. Then as we were gearing up, it started to snow.

I said it was hail, but my sister corrected me with … “that’s snow!” So we hustled to the Ground Zero (GZ) coordinates. It was glorious! We also carrying around LEGO mini-figures which serve as avatars for our geo-squad. ArturoFaitCR (passed away); his daughter, Montse; our friend in Costa Rica, Jorge; WCP24, and yours truly, Falconer_Swarlos.

Luckily we found it! By the time we returned to the rental, our food was ready.

Jax at the Tracks

When we rolled up we understood why it was selected to be featured! It’s popular while being eclectic. My menu selection was a breakfast sandwich with the egg prepared over-easy.

This would prove to be a mistake.

My first bite essentially popped the egg yolk which exploded in my hands. Mercifully, it only covered my hands, forearms, my mouth, and dripped on my clothing – nothing on the rental vehicle.

Breaky Bayne

I laughed it off as I could only do so. Once we devoured our food, found a few more geocaches in Truckee, we rolled on to our target geocache in Yuba City.


Let’s get out there!


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