Challenge Cache Chasing – Day 2

We woke up early once again for another long road trip. Feeling emboldened from our first find, we geared up for a treacherous hike in the redwood forests of northeast California.

From our online research there would be no signal, no help, and no more information than what little that was posted from previous finders. I drove this time, so WCP24 assumed the role of Navigation / Communication [NavCom for short] Thankfully, we had offline maps, written notes, our backpacks brimming with water, and Geocaching specific gear. For all tense and purpose, we were ready!

Vitreous – GC11E

The drive to this geocache was long, yet beautiful from Reno. In fact, I quoted my Found It Log as it summarizes the day perfectly.

On a tour de force of 3 famous, old geocaches hidden in the first year of Geocaching: 2000.

We drove from Reno, in a rental SUV with 4-wheel drive, 3.5 hours today. It was a sunny but cold day on the road, which is Highway 395.

WCP24 has some mad skillz behind the wheel as we scampered up the dirty, muddy road. We were feeling confident considering we found Yuba City (hidden September 2000) yesterday.

I’ve been documenting our journey with videos and still photos.

We followed the advice of craft40’s log information ℹ It was perfect! We had a slight detour at fork in the road of 45N04 – an albino cow mean-mugged us and gave us a bum steer.

Ha, ha.

Once we discovered the error, we drove back. Took a right to follow the Cachly offline map instead.

Those are well-worth their price, BTW! We practically drove up to this coveted cache. We were prepared for a hike in the mountains.

Yesterday we were woefully underdressed for Yuba City, Truckee, and the Sierra Nevadas.

Today we were overdressed! Can’t win for losing. I continued my documentary style videos and photos.

Once we found it, we inked the log, dropped off TBs, and SWAG. The entire experience was all anticlimactic as no fanfare, no velvet ropes parting, and no champagne falling from the trees.

But a smile of accomplishment crept onto our faces as we are now a Meatloaf song: 2 outta 3 ain’t bad.

We celebrated with lunch and a victory beer. After lunch, we packed up and listened to the sounds of the forest. No radio, no mobile phone notifications, just birds and a slight breeze.

The moment didn’t last as long as it took to drive here! Thank you for maintaining this special cache for the past 20 years.

Hope you’re on this for another 20 years! TFTC

Falconer_Swarlos found it log

We had hella daylight left, plenty of gas in the rental, and the enthusiasm of a successful adventurer. Now we have TWO year 2000 finds of the three we are seeking. So far, so good.

Once we decided to Geocache our way back to the hotel, along the Californian Highway 395.

Alturas, CA

After that anti-climatic geocache find, tailgate lunch, and victory beers, we were super confident of our trip thus far. We could relax while geocaching back from northeastern California to Reno, Nevada.

Alturas has a Carlos Street that we sought out for photos because that simply hasn’t happened in our travels together. As far as the clock was concerned, we were pacing nicely ahead of our itinerary.

At this point, any geocaching activity is being #extra so as we rolled into Reno we were winners.

Likely, CA

On the map the area of Likely seemed like a cool place to geocache before racing back to the hotel. Ironically, this is unlikely area to find geocaches hidden here.

After finding a handful of caches, we decided to take our victorious asses back to Reno.

To be continued …

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