Challenge Cache Chasing – Day 4

I could hardly sleep even though I was thoroughly exhausted from yesterday’s impromptu power trail under the sun. The final geocache is in my sights: Potter’s Pond (GC3B)

I resumed my role as NavCom considering I have the offline maps, and did the research on each of them on my list. WCP24 clamored behind the wheel to be the wheelman. We had some miles to pound before reaching the parking lot.

Potter’s Pond – GC3B

My adrenaline was seeping into my blood. This is it. The main event. It was an easier drive than those other Californian rallies.

I’ve been working on this for a hot-minute, and I really wanted to complete it during the 20TH year of Geocaching’s existence.

Like many geocachers, this August 2000 hide was necessary to finish it. Like many others, I chose this one to be the last.

Our research made us conclude that June 2020 would be best to attempt this one. We followed ALL the advice of previous finders, which helped immensely. Other than the time, we drove to Potter’s Pond Campground. Although at the fork in the road for campsites 11-15, or 1-10, we chose 11-15 (left)

We were seeking out Campsite 19. After we parked, we geared up with long sleeves and long pants. I found on my offline map GC2DK5A, and read the description. We followed that guy’s advice to find the TH [Trail Head].

We encountered a Muggle Dad and son at the trailhead. They asked us our intentions and direction of travel as they were loading up an electric bicycle and bike trailer.

He patted the equipment stating he was placing bear bait traps. WHAT. THE. F&#*%? I thought. Why don’t we leave those bears alone … we shrugged, walked to the GZ for Potter’s Pond 10 & 59 Birthday Bash

They quickly trekked past us as we were signing that logbook.

Next up?

We trudged up to Potters 2 Presents: International Geocaching 2014, GC5B2WB. They offered up coords to a downed tree to fjord the river. Again, we were grateful for the advice!

The sunny weather beat down on us; hot as balls. On our ascend, we stopped every 100 feet. The elevation and elevation gain was kicking our asses!

We finally hiked up to the GZ, and spotted the ammo can geocache immediately. We signed the logbook, took those obligatory photos and video, and dropped off TBs/picked up TBs.

We found a handful more on the trail now that the main mission has been completed.

We Go, We Go, We Geocache Home

We still had daylight to geocache back to Provo. We knew in our heart of hearts, we are not coming back anytime soon. So we might as well find as many as we can before we bounced.

Two in particular stand out in my memory. One is LPC The non urban version (GC1XZGV)

Totally worth the 80 + Favorite Points

The other was this one. 9800 feet of mountain with DK_Titan (GC1XWTR)

So .. it was time to fix that little oversight. I had a few people tell me that this was 9600 and not 9800. The state has it wrong. Their sign is in error.

~ firennice, owner of GC1XWTR

I wanted to verify their claim. With my compass, their claim was legitimate. The elevation was 9,800 feet above sea level exactly.

Victory Beers at Ruby River Steakhouse

Hot damn! My Jasmer Challenge is 99.9% complete. It’s as done as it can be before returning home so it was time for #victorybeers and nosh tough on food.

Our server was a lovely young lady that was all about the celebratory food and drink.

We trudged back to our hotel. We checked into this hotel yesterday evening. We explained why we picked this hotel because of Geocaching and our want to find Potter’s Pond the next day (now today)


… that sweet man at the counter last night probably was wanting to share with us the geocache! And we didn’t know to ask, thought it was a LPC [Lamp Post Container] as usual.

Talk about a facepalm moment. So this afternoon when we returned triumphantly to the hotel we quietly hoped he was working tonight.


We asked about the geocache which he was delighted to hand it over to be signed. We managed to right this self-inflicted wrong.

To be continued

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