Challenge Cache Chasing – Day 5

WCP24’s only request was one non-geocaching day, which I readily said yes to accommodate it. Besides, I wanted a break in the action as well. It would be a day of chasing down Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives restaurants while shopping.

All capped off with a visit-meet up with my friend, Janelle and husband, Ruben.

Red Iguana 2

Before you even ask: no, I didn’t ask for #bamboochicken! We slept in, because that’s what winners do … whatever they want. We had no itinerary on our non-Geocaching day. So we sought out lunch from a Guy Fieri Featured Restaurants. Unfortunately, Red Iguana was closed but not Red Iguana 2.

We needed fuel before shopping at the outlets located north. We loved the food, and atmosphere so much that we even bought T-shirts which we rarely do.

After lunch we drove off to the outlet mall for some #retailtherapy before meeting up my friend.

With COVID-19 still ravaging the planet, we decided to pick up food, so we could meet up in a park while manage our 6-foot social distancing from our different households.

Sugar, Sugar

We decided to meet up in Salt Lake City’s Sugar House Park. One of the questions Janelle and Ruben asked us was the reason for our trip, to which we answer Geocaching.

She kept asking drill down questions about our game we love. At least I do. By the end of the conversation, she had downloaded the app with a username. Of course, there were plenty of geocaches hidden in the park so we invited them to find it with us.

It was complete happenstance that it was an awesome geocache to find for their first. Lost Keys was amazing! After a collaborative effort by everyone (Janelle, Ruben, WCP24 and yours truly) we were able to open the geocache container.

On the drive home, WCP24 wasn’t done finding great foodie places as I mentioned I hadn’t had frozen custard at Nielsen’s, Home of Concrete. The line for this place was ridiculously long but well worth the wait.

The drive back to the home was uneventful which is how I like it.

To be continued …

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