Challenge Cache Chasing – Day 6

Last day of the Challenge Cache Chasing trip! I feel like a champion on a press conference tour. Seriously, folks. Super Bowl, Daytona 500, and I’m paraded around for a week after the feat to celebrate this accomplishment.

First stop on the tour is Park City, Utah.

Feeling Olympic!

WCP24 wanted to drag me out to Park City, Utah because I’m a movie fan, and most likely could appreciate the host place of the Sundance Film Festival. Oh, and the host city of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.

As I said, with a monster accomplishment achieved I was a movie star, or an Olympian, anyone held in high-regard so I readily accepted the invite. Besides, it was our last day therefore our travel day so I took my foot outta the gas as I resigned myself to returning to reality post haste.

WCP24 still asked if there were geocaches hidden around town, which of course, there were. We drove to the Utah Olympic Park first so we didn’t run out of time prior to leaving for the airport. The place seemed majestic even after 18 years of service. She explained that it’s an active facility for the USA Olympic Team.

After a handful of geocaches found, and lunch in our bellies, we wandered over to a few of the Sundance Festival screening sites. Apparently it just not one central place. Who knew? In fact, it reminded me of my local film festival of Seattle International Film Festival [SIFF]

I digress.

Lunchtime was upon us, which WCP24 had her suggestion for posting up …


Easily the most popular bar in Park City, and I can see why. Eccentric decor of aluminum beer cans made into airplanes, parts and pieces of abandoned equipment from long ago, etc.

We stuck with a liquid diet having eaten prior to arriving. That said, at some point I had to relieve myself. As I walk, I usually survey my surroundings. I’m odd like that. I noticed the smallest booth displaying No Name Saloon merchandise. Typical T-shirts, buttons, and so on. However, in the corner display facing me was something I couldn’t live without: No Name Saloon patch.

Our server was nearby, so I called her over. I asked how much, as I need to have this patch in my life as I collect them. She looked at me, and knew that I wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.

“Ok, sugar, I’m not supposed to do this because of the COVID, but for you,” she paused. “I’ll work some magic. Gimme 5.”

I pursed my lips to a small smile, “Done. I’m gonna step away for those 5 minutes.”

After the restroom visit, she and I met up at the booth. Her hand extended across the glass shelf like retrieving a prized comic book for sale. My heart skipped a beat! Then I explained it to WCP, and now she wanted one … oy. I talked our server once more to getting that.

“I’m not supposed to sell it to ya, though,” she warned with a wink.

“No problem, thanks. Let’s say if you were to sell it, how much?” I inquired.

“10 dollars,” her reply.

With our bill paid, we called her over one last time. We slid 20 dollars over across the bar. I quipped, “Thanks for the excellent service!”

My Geocaching backpack or at the very least my luggage has a new patch to commemorate my Challenge Cache Chasing success.

Shoe Tree Park

We wanted to find one last favorited geocache prior to bouncing. We determined it was at Shoe Tree Park – we have a Dr Scholl’s Tree nearby our home in Washington State. One of the oddities of our vehicle’s built-in GPS is the directions of “prepare to bear [direction]”

We would laugh, and giggle as we mimicked a scary in-vehicle bear #ROAR – sadly, we took our feet clad with shoes (not from the tree) all the way to the Salt Lake City International Airport.

We had chased down a challenge, so it was time to return home for a new challenge.

Keep calm, cache on. More importantly, #letsgetoutthere!


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