Reach The Peak

Geocaching HQ released yet another promotion to encourage Geocachers to play the game when the weather is … not favorable in the Pacific Northwest. Starting mid-September through February the weather is: rainy or windy or cold or all three simultaneously.

As you can imagine trying to fish out a nano log from a bison tube while it’s raining only to struggle with signing it and putting it back properly is as frustrating as installing a screen door on a submarine.

Kilimanjaro Summit

Reach The Peak was launched in the summer with a deadline in March 2022. The genius of this particular one is point accumulation resets every 30 days or so. The geocacher earns a digital souvenir for the first find: XYZ Base Camp.

Depending on the height of the peak in meters will determine the amount of points needed to be accumulated in order to reach the peak. For example, a Found It log equals 325 points.

Coincidentally, the Kilimanjaro Base Camp digital souvenir needs 325 points to be unlocked.

However, to reach the peak the points needed is: 5,895.

And as each month passes with a new peak to reach, this point total will increase accordingly. OH! And the digital souvenirs or peaks are not retroactive, so if you missed that opportunity … too-bad, so-sad, you’ll haveta to carry on.

Even better is if you collect all 14 digital souvenirs (2 for each peak, 7 peaks total) you’ll unlock and earn a 15th meta souvenir.

So … let’s get out there!

Caching With Carlos

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