Navigating The Triad: Part 4

The recent podcast of Caching In The Northwest: Episode 457 Navigating the Triad focused on three of the more famous geocaches in the Geocaching Community. Geocaching Headquarters (GCK35B), Mission 9: Tunnel of Light (GC1169) and Original Stash Tribute Plaque (GCGV0P) comprise the GC “Triad”.

Once these three are found, you can qualify for the Challenge Cache called Sherlik’s Center of the Triad (GC1WYHN)

As I was listening to the podcast post-broadcast, I was brimming with pride. I have found ALL 4 of those geocaches! You can imagine, I have a story associated to each unique find.

The following is the Challenge Cache that I qualified for years prior: Sherlik’s Center of the Triad (GC1WYHN) )

The Center of the Universe

I quickly found out I am not the center of the universe, nor is Geocaching. Though it should be! Quite a disappointing discovery, actually.

Years later I would discover something wonderful in the Geocaching World.

Caching In The Northwest

Thursday night at 9pm is one of my favorite times of the week because my locally based podcast, Caching In The Northwest, broadcasts live. For episode 443, the guest speaker was KevMacD so the title was Challenge Caching with KevMacD.

I’m relatively ‘new’ to geocaching so I assumed he was a pioneer or influential person that’s why they invited him to the podcast.

At one point, KevMacD starts screen sharing his computer. He casually mentions a cool feature for paying subscribers to Project GC members … a Challenge Cache Map.

So, you ask?

It maps all the Challenge Caches in an area, such as Washington State, and whether you qualify or not.


I immediately test this revelation. I create a new tab, enter my credentials and feverishly start scanning the map. OH. MY. GAWD.

I have qualified for 42 Challenge Caches with my haphazard geocaching method. 42! As in the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything. I couldn’t believe it. And I also couldn’t believe I literally ignored the rest of the podcast.

42 geocaches just waiting for me to find them, and claim them. And one of them was named: Sherlik’s Center of the Triad (GC1WYHN)

I remembered I had found the qualifying geocaches, but didn’t realize that the Challenge Cache is a separate one to find, ink the logbook, and claim. Remember my 50th find milestone was the Geocaching HQ?

Well, I was determined to make the Center of the Triad my 2,000th find!

I also realized it’s a 3 hour plus drive ONE-WAY so I better plan. And just like the other three geocache finds, it was just as anti-climatic with no audience applause, or velvet ropes parting.

Just me. And the Millennium Subaru.

I would continue to geocache, of course.

Let’s get out there!


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