Geocaching 20th Anniversary Celebration

On August 20, 2022 – Groundspeak Inc. hosted the 20th anniversary celebration of Geocaching! Granted it was 2-years in the making because of the global pandemic of COVID-19.

On August, 13, 2022 – Geowoodstoock XVIII was hosted in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. Due to mandatory work obligations, I was unable to attend. So I was definitely NOT missing out on the 20th year celebration!

WCP24 (my sister) and I traveled to Seattle early knowing that traffic, subsequently parking near the event would be an issue. Aside from the Geocaching event, Emerald City Comic Con was down the road at the Convention Center, plus smaller events around the city.

We posted up at the Seattle Biscuit Company for breakfast. That was fantastic in and of itself! While it seemed a grip too early, I suggested we wandered over to the event site sooner than later.

We stood in line for our pre-ordered packets that we paid for – the event itself was free.

The loot!

Geocaching 20th Anniversary CelebrationGC896PK. I loved every minute, because every minute there was about Geocaching, of course. As soon as I retrieved our packets in Fisher Pavilion, I wandered over to the booth with Joshua Johnson, the Geocaching Vlogger, and Komikino and the Kid. They collaborated to create a Geocaching theme comic book titled: The Greatest Treasure.

I wanted my autographs, and to offer my congratulations on the accomplishment. While I was there, I wanted to shop at Cache Advance.

We discovered that 3 Adventure Lab Caches were launched at 10 a.m.: Recycle with jtcoffee and Signal the Frog, 2020 Celebration, and 20th Anniversary Celebration by GC HQ (one-day only)

While walking around I encountered my friends: perpulady, icanquilt, CorvetteKent, Cache Finder 6000, and others. I visited the booth with my favorite Geocaching podcast: Caching In The Northwest. Chris of the Northwest, and witzend were manning the booth, we found LAN Monkey at the entrance of Fisher Pavilion.

Right about 12pm, we had finished most of the lab locations so we stopped for lunch at Big Boys Kainan Food Truck for traditional Filipino food. I surveyed the landscape as I was in the shadow of the Space Needle, Seattle Center, Pacific Science Center, Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP), Fisher Pavilion, and the International Fountain for a short list of many.

Since WCP24 paid for 12-hour parking, and we were only about 3-hours into the session, we agreed to chase down more geocaches in the area, and Adventure Lab Caches. We walked in the hot summer sun which would eventually end me.

One of the Adventure Labs guided us to the Olympic Sculpture Park which is always fun.

Olympic Sculpture Park

The next Adventure Lab Cache attracted us to Pike Place Market, Pike Place Hill Climb, Seattle Art Museum, The Gum Wall, Seattle Big Wheel, Seattle Aquarium, Ye Olde Curiosity Shop, and more.

We also found traditional geocaches that were nearby such as Big Wheel (GC7B9G7), Chews Wisely (GC9WCY1), and Geocaching In Space (GC4R6TR).

It was truly a day dedicated to Geocaching, and that was an awesome day worth celebrating. August 20, 2022 was also International Geocaching Day! We attempted to break the record of 126,833 set on August 11, 2013.

Sadly, only 112,477 explorers recorded a find on that day but for our efforts we received a digital souvenir that was added to our account.

WCP24, and I truly had a blast with Caching With Carlos at the Geocaching 20th Anniversary Celebration.

Until next time, let’s get out there!


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