Blood, Sweat, and Fizzy Squares

Each and every published geocache has a Difficulty and Terrain ratings (scale 1 to 5 with half steps) The grid of Difficulty and Terrain ratings (D/T) creates 81 combinations.

I made a Tabula Rasa Declaration for 2022 to finish my “Fizzy Square”.

GC11E8N – Well Rounded Cacher (The Fizzy Challenge), the original Fizzy Challenge cache, was placed in California by Kealia to honor the cacher FizzyMagic, who has given much to the “local caching community” better know as the San Francisco Bay area.


I mostly missing Difficulty of 5 + most Terrain ratings, and Terrain 5 + other Difficulty ratings. One of the squares that I didn’t have a find in was: Difficulty 2.5, Terrain 4.5.

You can search for a geocache with those specific ratings, and my search focused on Pride Rock (GC521JP) I remembered my ill-prepared trip to Boardman Lake to find Fresh Cakes.

In my mind, I was gonna be “over prepared” for the adventure if that’s possible. I read up on the road conditions, weather for the day, brought supplies to last for a 2-day overnight hike, and mostly read each recent Activity Log for it.

I discovered that I should bring garden gloves, and shears from the geocacher jtcoffee.

And lastly, I told 2 loved ones what I was doing, where I was going and that I would check in once I was back into mobile phone coverage.

Monday, August 22, 2022

Parking Coordinates Were Provided

Thankfully parking coordinates were provided, meaning that driving up to the Ground Zero (GZ) was not possible. Not that a Terrain rating of 4.5 of 5 possible would suggest a drive-up.

I parked, and noticed 2 other vehicles there. I surveyed the vehicles for Geocaching stickers, or other indications that they were Geocachers.

They. were. not.

I would later encounter the 3 hikers, and 2 dogs about here … the logging road turned gravel road for hiking.

Road Less Traveled By

After 30-minutes of moderate hiking in the summer sun, I arrived at the GZ. As advised, the base was overgrown by blackberry vines. I donned my gloves and shears to get to work – I podded my way to the erratic.

I was sweating profusely at this point, and honestly, I hadn’t got close to the geocache.

I would ascend, more like clamored to a stopping point clinging on to dead roots of a tree, snip, snip, snip. I wanted to clear a path for myself, and any others that follow my route upwards.

I managed to slip a couple times, and caught up on the blackberry vines that I cut which drew blood from me first.

That is a long way to fall down …

After 10-20 minutes of calculated effort I was at the summit of the rock! SWEET, I thought. I searched for the geocache in the area described on the geocache page. The entire time ensuring each step wasn’t gonna be my last.

I found the geocache, logged my name to it before I did anything else. I rummaged around my bag for SWAG to swap. I traded Clifford the Big Red Dog for hyena figure from Disney’s The Lion King. I thought that was very apropos given the name of the geocache.

I earned my Fizzy Square today!

By virtue of this blog post, I climbed down to safety, hiked back to my car, and posted my triumphant find.

Pride Rock was the “target cache” of the day, but not the only find of the day. Just the most important one!

Until next time, let’s get out there!


Been there, logged that

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