I signed up for Geocaching on July 3, 2013 however … I didn’t find my first geocache until May 11, 2014. Yes, 7 years ago. And I’ve caching ever since. I discovered quickly that within the Geocaching Community there’s diversity in the ‘types’ of geocachers out there. Since each player – geocacher is a human,Continue reading “The Trail to TWO THOUSAND”

Challenge Cache Chasing – Day 6

Last day of the Challenge Cache Chasing trip! I feel like a champion on a press conference tour. Seriously, folks. Super Bowl, Daytona 500, and I’m paraded around for a week after the feat to celebrate this accomplishment. First stop on the tour is Park City, Utah. Feeling Olympic! WCP24 wanted to drag me outContinue reading “Challenge Cache Chasing – Day 6”

Challenge Cache Chasing – Day 5

WCP24’s only request was one non-geocaching day, which I readily said yes to accommodate it. Besides, I wanted a break in the action as well. It would be a day of chasing down Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives restaurants while shopping. All capped off with a visit-meet up with my friend, Janelle and husband,Continue reading “Challenge Cache Chasing – Day 5”

Challenge Cache Chasing – Day 4

I could hardly sleep even though I was thoroughly exhausted from yesterday’s impromptu power trail under the sun. The final geocache is in my sights: Potter’s Pond (GC3B) I resumed my role as NavCom considering I have the offline maps, and did the research on each of them on my list. WCP24 clamored behind theContinue reading “Challenge Cache Chasing – Day 4”

Challenge Cache Chasing – Day 3

The flight options from Reno to Salt Lake City were very limited; ungodly hour in the morning or too late at night. We chose the ungodly hour in the morning. Cha-Ching! While we were waiting for our flight, I decided to play the video slot machines available. As luck would have it … I WONContinue reading “Challenge Cache Chasing – Day 3”

Challenge Cache Chasing – Day 2

We woke up early once again for another long road trip. Feeling emboldened from our first find, we geared up for a treacherous hike in the redwood forests of northeast California. From our online research there would be no signal, no help, and no more information than what little that was posted from previous finders.Continue reading “Challenge Cache Chasing – Day 2”

On The Gas, and Kicking Ass Blitzkrieg

My sister, WCP24, and I planned Labor Day Weekend 2020 road trip that was intended to be #chillaxing but quickly escalated to an anxiety filled, white-knuckled drive home … the following is our On The Gas, and Kicking Ass Blitzkrieg! Challenge Accepted! Since I completed my Jasmer Challenge fairly early in my Geocaching career, myContinue reading “On The Gas, and Kicking Ass Blitzkrieg”