On The Gas, and Kicking Ass Blitzkrieg

My sister, WCP24, and I planned Labor Day Weekend 2020 road trip that was intended to be #chillaxing but quickly escalated to an anxiety filled, white-knuckled drive home … the following is our On The Gas, and Kicking Ass Blitzkrieg! Challenge Accepted! Since I completed my Jasmer Challenge fairly early in my Geocaching career, myContinue reading “On The Gas, and Kicking Ass Blitzkrieg”

The Joy of Geocaching – Part 2

May 25, 2020 – Part 2 of 2 Once I returned from Costa Rica to my home in the United States I was greeted by my Geocaching online purchase: a trackable walking stick! My intention was to gift to Arturo since he seemed fond of walking sticks but didn’t have one himself. Since he passedContinue reading “The Joy of Geocaching – Part 2”